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Smoothest Refinance Ever

John Lemert from Citrus Heights, CA | worked with Paul Campos

This was an incredibly easy transaction. I applied for the loan on October 8th, and closed on October 30th. Paul was extremely responsive and answered all of my questions and concerns immediately. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul and Instant Capital for your next home loan.

Very Promt and thorough

Lcp from Santa Clara, CA | worked with Paul Campos

He closed the loan ahead of schedule. He would always reply to email within 5-10 mins- even on weekends and nights.
It was a pleasure to work with him.

Honest and quick

srl5689 from Santa Maria, CA | worked with Paul Campos

I received the rate advertised at a reasonable fee. It could not have gone better! Working with another department with the same lender had not so great results. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone.

Excellent Communicator

jcolada from Rancho Cucamonga, CA | worked with Paul Campos
Zillow Verified Contact
Had the opportunity to work with Paul during my refinance. He was extremely knowledgeable to work with and gave you all the information you needed to make an informed decision, not to mention the rates were the BEST. His attention to detail and timely responses made the entire process a …

quick painless process

Jay from Arlington, TX | worked with Paul Campos
Zillow Verified Contact

I found Instant Capital through Zillow back in late may/early June. They had the best advertised rates of anyone. I reached out to them through Zillow and got connected with Paul – Paul is on the ball! Every question I had he was quick to respond to during the entire process and was extremely helpful. For my situation, I had spoken with 2 other loan officers and got the best gut feeling from Paul. I would definitely do business again with him should I need it!

Highly Recommended and Helpful

vernp from Brentwood, CA | worked with Paul Campos
Zillow Verified Contact

Paul run a lot of scenario to refinance my loan to better suite my needs. He’s fast and always available to answer your question. We did close earlier than expected. Thanks Paul.

Top Lender

Andrew Evans from Riverside, CA | worked with Paul Campos
Zillow Verified Contact

I worked with three lenders when I was buying my house. Paul was definitely the most personable and gave us the best rate by almost a full percentage. Whenever we had questions he answered us very quickly. We wouldn’t have been able to purchase the house we did if it wasnt for Instant Capital and Paul. Thank you for everything!!!

Instant capital

michael philo from Murrieta, CA | worked with John Mason Medina, who no longer works for Instant Capital

Used John in the past and for this refinance. He is excellent, Always on top of things, walks you though the process from start to finish. highly recommend using John.

Excellent, continued communication, explained what was happening and when, never kept me guessing. Aggressively moved forward to remove any obstcle to getting loan approved.

lcivic61 from Highland, CA | worked with John Mason Medina, who no longer works for Instant Capital

Continues communication throughout the loan process, explained in detail what and when things were happening, never kept me guessing, aggressively moved toward closing the loan and removing any obstacle that was in the way to get the loan complete. 

Thank you from a self-employed now-homeowner in Texas

jolyn c from El Paso, TX | worked with Paul Campos

I just finished at my closing table an hour ago, and the first thing to cross my mind was not to tell all of my friends and family, but instead to come online and write Paul Campos the glowing review that he deserves. It is the least I can do after all he has done for me.

I approached Paul after being strung along by a different lender for almost four months. I am self-employed with an otherwise strong applicant profile, and was very upfront about my situation. With less than a month to closing, the other lender blindsided me with a sudden “reversal” of what I had been led to believe was as solid of an approval as they come. When I contacted Paul, I was back at square one feeling confused, vulnerable, unsure of whether I’d even qualify for a conforming loan, and certain that my original closing date was no longer a reality.

Paul did not make any immediate glowing promises. He was very upfront about the process, time, and nuance necessary for him to determine whether he could make my loan work. But, he was also firm that once he got an answer, it would be the final answer; there would be no blindsiding. Paul returned to me with an answer much more quickly than I’d imagined such things were possible, and from there, his word was indeed good as gold. In fact, Paul not only met, but entirely beat every expectation he set with respect to underwriting decisions, paperwork he had to repeatedly issue and reissue, and his role in driving all the mysterious goings on in the ‘back room’ that is integral to getting a loan approved and funded.

One thing I noticed immediately about Paul is that he is PROMPT, thorough, and a man of his word. When I asked him a question, I knew I could count on a timely response that actually answered my question. When he said he would do something, I knew I could count on him following up with a resolution or solution. It was so refreshing to work with someone who did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it. Not once did I have to remind or petition him to move forward. He was actually the one keeping everyone on track and schedule, including my chosen disaster of a title company.

In this whole home buying process, Paul was the ONE person I knew I could rely on. Furthermore, with respect to day-to-day dealings in life and business, Paul is perhaps one of THE most responsive, effective, and work ethic-driven professionals I have ever dealt with in any industry. In today’s age where communication is cheap and instant, it has also become paradoxically more difficult to have high quality and productive interactions. People like Paul are nearly extinct.

The outcome: Paul got me to the closing table FOUR DAYS EARLIER than I’d asked for – on a loan that I started from scratch with him less than a month ago – a loan that took a different lender almost four months to figure out they could not do.

As an aside, I’d like to also mention the terms Paul offered me were some of the best I received in the extensive mortgage shopping I did. I highlight this point last because it is now apparent to me that, after a certain point, it is no longer worth stressing over a few hundred dollars in difference from one ‘top offer’ lender to the next. I learned that the experience and integrity of your loan officer mean EVERYTHING when it comes to getting your loan both actually APPROVED and CLOSED. Without Paul’s commitment to getting my loan closed, with his almost superhuman level of followup, the comedy of errors created between my local title company and appraiser could have easily dragged my closing out to the next month. He nipped every hiccup that came his way in the bud! That his loan terms were so good was just the very, very sweet icing on the cake.

Finally, I would classify myself as a pretty needy client. Because of how badly the previous lender burned me, I needed constant reassurance at every step, probably annoyingly so. Paul reassured me patiently in a very concise, tell it like it is, manner, even interjecting some humor. The sale price of my home was below the median for the USA, and yet Paul’s level of service made me feel like I was his most important client of the year.

Thanks Paul for sticking with me and for making my home purchase possible. I am still sitting here in disbelief at what you so professionally accomplished in this short a time frame. I feel extremely lucky to have been your client, and would encourage all to choose Paul Campos of Instant Capital for a loan officer who will go above and beyond to make your home purchase go as smoothly as possible.

Simply The Best

David from Bakersfield, CA

John was very professional, honest, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions promptly. I would highly recommend John and everyone at Instant Capital for your home loan needs. Thank you John for everything you did, going above and beyond to make this a great experience, and I got a great rate!! John was a pleasure to deal with even beyond getting my loan!! 

Excellent Service!

acavanessian from Los Angeles, CA | worked with Paul Campos

This is our second time working with Paul, since we had a great experience last time around. We have worked with other loan officers in the past and he is the only one I would recommend to anyone I know looking to buy/refinance. Very prompt in responses, knowledgeable, and also got us a great rate!

Great experience

Mario Munoz from La Habra, CA

Business is professional and fast. I have used this company’s twice already and referred it to friends. Paul Campos is always accessible and explain financial issues in language you can understand. Kept you updated throughout the process. Courtesy and customer service was superb. Will highly recommend Instant Capital.

Paul at Instant Capital saved me from being ripped off by another lender.

Ceasar M. from Houston, TX | worked with Paul Campos

I originally started the home purchase process with another lender. They informed me this process would take a month, and during that time I did everything asked. Gave them proof of everything I had, and I was given reasonable estimates at first. Then after a month, on the week of closing, they ask me to have more money in “reserve” than they knew I had. And they tried to sell me an unreasonable offer that I didn’t want as my only option. I reached out to Paul that very day. He was very polite, understanding, attentive, and fast. I was able to close on my house quickly after dropping the other lender. I got a way better offer that I am extremely satisfied with. Thank you, Paul Campos

No Suprises

derek hooper7 from Cypress, TX | worked with Paul Campos

I called Paul to get a mortgage rate quote to do a cash out refinance. Paul gave me several rate options with no pressure. I had time to think over what was best for my circumstance. I called back the next day to start the loan process. Rates/ fees/ etc, were exactly as quoted with no surprises. Paul kept me updated on the status of my loan and I closed quickly.

Lowest Rates, best service and overall amazing experience!

zuser201604061447389 from Riverside, CA | worked with Paul Campos

My family, friends and I have used Paul on multiple occasions (house purchases, refinancing, etc.). On every occasion Paul has gone above and beyond to offer rock bottom lowest rates and provide EXCEPTIONAL customer service. Paul is really, really efficient and got underwriting approval within 1.5 days for my recent purchase. You don’t have to shop around with anyone else. I have dealt with greedy lenders (big bank and smaller direct lenders) and when I think back of my experience with them, I am so, so thankful that I came across Paul from Instant Capital. Paul responds to emails really quickly and answers all your questions patiently and in depth. Paul even kept me updated daily on rate fluctuations and saved me thousands of dollars. I have recommended Paul to so many people and everyone has thanked me afterwards because they all have had a wonderful experience with him. There is no one I would trust more than Paul because of his knowledge and how quickly he gets his work done. If you’re debating on which lender to go with, it really, really is a no brainer to go with Paul with Instant Capital. You won’t regret it!

The best

Ray Sheehan from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA | worked with John Mason Medina, who no longer works for Instant Capital

Excellent service. John worked tirelessly to make sure our loan was funded on time. He went above and beyond to ensure our all of our needs were met. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to purchase or fund a home.


buggin56 from Hesperia, CA | worked with Paul Campos
Zillow Verified Contact

Paul came thru for me in so many ways. He showed me how to improve my poor credit rating, so I could qualify for a nicer home. Helped me thru some of more difficult twists and turns that I had difficulty with as a 1st time buyer. Even while on vacation with his sons sporting event, took the time to keep in touch. Never have I seen someone so dedicated to his client! Not only did we get our 1st. home, we found a friend in Paul and his wonderful family. He got me in touch with an excellent Real Estate Agent, and his wife was able to get me my insurance! I can HIGHLY RECOMEND PAUL CAMPOS to anyone in need of a Loan Agent that they can trust to be all in for them. He is the BEST YOU CAN DO, Rick Tate

Miracle Worker

Michael C from Los Angeles, CA | worked with John Mason Medina, who no longer works for Instant Capital

Where to begin…After receiving an unbelievably low appraisal on our property (through a different lender), John came in and with an already short close window, was able to get us reappraised and signed away in approximately one entire work week – necessary given our circumstances with the seller. In addition to his incredibly hasty performance, John is in constant communication with you and always checking in conversationally ensuring all involved are satisfied with the process (a huge relief for first time home buyers like us). He takes as good care of you as he does your loan, and thus could not recommend him high enough. One of a kind! 

William Oliver

I shopped around for refinancing options and came across Instant Capital and good reviews about their loan agent Paul Campos. I gave Paul a call and found him to be quick to respond, informative and the best rate and terms. I decided to move forward. I have been a real estate broker for 40 years and I have to say Paul Campos is at the itop of the list for professionalism, quick to respond and handle any issues and best of all closed early with no surprises. I highly recomend him!

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